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Human Studies about Carrageenan


Since many articles and people claimed the carrageenan dangers, this article will help you to reveal and find the evidence that carrageenan is safe for human. Although it is limited, a few in vitro experiments gave been conducted on isolated human intestinal cells. Carrageenan exposure increased the expression of two pro-inflammatory transcription factors in intestinal epithelial tissue. Two similar studies that use food grade carrageenan also found that isolated intestinal epithelial tissue respond to carrageenan by up-regulating inflammation and the undegraded carrageenan reduced the activity of many sulfates enzymes with potential negative ramifications for the functions and vitality of the cell.

More Facts of Carrageenan

Since many researchers said about carrageenan and claimed that this substance is safe, carrageenan is a versatile fiber used in a variety of foods and personal care products. Dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products are also using this substance. As the thickening agent in place of petrochemical and animal-based products, this substance is also widely used. A product of red seaweed, FMC’s carrageenan is kosher, alal, and vegan and it is safe and suitable for consumption. All of its statement is based on the US Food and Drug Administration and World Health Organization agree.

Although many coconut milks that claimed they do not use any carrageenan, we still doubt about the additives substance in it. Do you know what do you have to concern about it? You have to search more information and research study that found and explained the safety of this substance. The production method of it is divided into two methods based on different principles. The only one used until the late 1970s to early 1980s. The second method is the carrageenan is never extracted from the seaweed. The insoluble matter and the carrageenan are leaving behind and it is consisting largely of carrageenan and cellulose. The process is shorter and cheaper because the carrageenan does not need to be recovered from solution.


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